About My Book

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage: Fresh Help and Hope from the BibleMarriage, Divorce, and Remarriage: Fresh Help and Hope from the Bible
Published 2007 by Xulon Press
ISBN: 978-1604770278
Available on Amazon.com

“Divorce. Just the word can cause you to shudder. The reality of divorce is pain – a loss of hope. Many people have looked to their church for hope or help, only to be turned away. Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage is good for people in any situation. This book is full of help and hope if you are: considering marriage, getting married for the first time, in a marriage that is falling apart, divorced, or considering getting a divorce, remarried, or considering remarriage, concerned about your friend or family member’s marriage.” (from the back cover)

How this book came about
In the summer of 1994 I took a college course on the Gospel of Matthew. At the outset of the class, our professor said that the bulk of the class grade would come from eight papers that we had to write that summer on various pre-selected topics out of Matthew.

However, we had the option of tackling a much more difficult topic if we should choose to do so (he gave some suggestions). If anyone did, the professor said that he would allow that paper to count for more than just one (depending on length, quality, etc.), and we could choose which of the other required papers we did not want to write.

Of course, I took this as a challenge, and chose the topic of divorce (Jesus speaks on the issue in chapter 19). By the end of the allotted time I had written 34 pages (this was a freshman class). The professor allowed it to count for four of the required papers, given me the grades of A, A, A-, and A-.

But there was something about it that I could not let go. During the course of my study for that paper, I found that the topic was much bigger than I had originally thought. I had found things in the Bible that I had never been taught before – some that even contradicted the things I thought I knew.

So unlike the other papers (I don’t even remember what they were), I kept reading, studying, and writing. I talked to teachers and pastors about it. I talked to people who had been divorced and/or remarried. About seven years before it was published, I taught it to our adult Sunday School class, and got a great response and good feedback.

After that point, I reviewed and tweaked it about once a year. Finally, the time was right to publish it.

Thanks to everyone who has helped with this project. It would not be the same without your input. Stay tuned for my next book!


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