And the verdict is…

February 27, 2008 at 12:55 pm | Posted in OTCC | 1 Comment

We heard today that the judge ruled in favor of the airport, against our objections.

For those who can barely remember that we were in court at one time : )   …this hearing was to determine whether or not the airport could constitutionally use eminent domain to file a condemnation law suit against us to take any part of our property or facilities. We, of course, objected, stating that the Indiana Constitution did not allow any “interference” with the free exercise of our religious beliefs.

The judge’s ruling means that the airport can legally proceed with its condemnation suit.

What does this mean for us? Simply that we have to continue the process in court, rather than out of court. The next step will be to argue price with the airport in court, using the legal phrases “residual damage” and “cost to cure”.

We believe that the money they offered us ($98,600) does not cover the monetary “damage” that we will incur trying to live in the “residue” of our facilities (what they leave us with). So we will argue that the “cost to cure” that damage is much more than their offer.

The court will appoint appraisers to come to our property and determine how much “damage” there will be, what the “cost” will be “to cure” it, and bring their findings back to court. We anticipate that our next meeting in court to hear their results will be around June this year.

So… keep praying. We’re not out of this thing yet.


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  1. The assessment of the property by the court appointed team will be crucial in our case. I’ll be praying for that team that they listen to the Lord in all their work.

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